Car Club Council of Hampton Roads


(Revised February 2018)




The official name of the council will be the “Car Club Council of Hampton Roads”; hereafter referred to as “CCCHR”.


CCCHR is an organization of individual car clubs bound by a common interest in the preservation, display and education of the automobile, truck, motorcycle, hot rod, rat rod and other such conveyance powered by the internal combustion engine, electric and/or solar power.

Car clubs are defined as a group of enthusiasts of any particular marque or category, having an organized structure, membership roles and regularly scheduled meetings.

CCCHR meetings are the fourth Tuesday of the month and are held in the training room of PRIORITY CHEVROLET at 7:00 in the evening. Changes to this schedule or meeting location will be posted two (2) months in advance of any alterations.


  • To exchange information between clubs and to keep the public informed regarding events of interest.
  • To create a voice for the hobby at the local, statewide and national level, particularly in regards to legislative matters.
  • To promote a good public image for the hobby.
  • To provide guidance and assistance to clubs requesting help (i.e. Forming a new club, increasing membership, activities, newsletters, by-laws, organizational structure, etc).


CCCHR will use a modified (3) spoke wheel with “CCCHR” below and the “CAR CLUB COUNCIL OF HAMPTON ROADS” to the left above “Serving Car Hobbyists in the Tidewater Virginia and Surrounding Areas since 1991.



The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Coordinator. Board members will endeavor to hold an open board meeting prior the membership meeting with the purpose(s) of establishing agendas, considering alterations to the by-laws, and general discussions of importance to CCCHR and/or the general membership.

The Board may, at its discretion appoint Member(s) at Large to fill special positions as deemed necessary by the Board. Such Members at Large will be voted on by the general membership.


General elections will be set up if required with nominations in October of the year, with voting in November. Newly elected officers will be installed the following January meeting to begin their term.

Member club representatives who wish to serve on the board must have been a member for a period of twelve (12) months prior submitting their name for consideration.

Member clubs can have no more than one (1) representative on the Board at any one time. The exception to this rule is if there is an open seat and there are limited nominees available who wish to serve on the board. In this instance, member clubs may have more than one (1) representative on the board.

If there is a vacancy on the board during the year outside of General Election, nominations will be taken for a Special Election and the following month voting will take place. From January to June, a Special Election will be held. From June to October, the PRESIDENT will appoint a nomination to fill the position until the next election period (without a collected vote).


PRESIDENT - Attend and preside over all general meetings and Board meetings. Act as chief spokesperson for CCCHR at any gathering, shows or other activities. Appoint committees as deemed necessary. Act as ex-officio member of all committee, sign all documents and cast tie-breaking votes.

VICE PRESIDENT - Assume the duties of the PRESIDENT in the event the PRESIDENT is not available for any meeting or function of CCCHR. Contact any member club(s) in default on yearly dues.

SECRETARY - Record and maintain the minutes of any and all general meetings, Board meetings and/or committee meetings. Handle, maintain and sign any and all correspondence, documents, and/or records as directed by the PRESIDENT. Collect and count any and all ballots and/or votes.

TREASURER - Maintain any and all financial records of CCCHR, reporting to the general membership at each scheduled meeting of the membership. Notify the VICE PRESIDENT of any and all delinquencies in memberships. Supply SECRETARY with any and all membership applications. Notify SECRETARY of any and all documents requiring renewal(s).

EVENT COORDINATOR – Will record and enter data for events on the Events Calendar, will act as the point of contact for member clubs to help promote shows and de-conflict local events when possible.

AT ALL TIMES the officers of CCCHR will conduct themselves in a professional manner, recognizing they are representatives of ALL MEMBER CLUBS and will act accordingly.



Member clubs are defined as any club recognized as having structure and regularly scheduled meetings, with dues in good standing.

Clubs shall apply for membership in CCCHR by application and payment of dues of $ 15.00 per calendar year. Said dues are payable January 1st of each year and a club will be considered in good standing if dues are paid no later than March 1st of the year. Member club(s) dues not paid by March 1st of the year will lose their vote in all matters.

Each member club will appoint a Delegate to CCCHR, whose responsibilities shall be to attend CCCHR meetings to report on their club's activities, and to take to their club the activities of CCCHR. Delegate assignment is required to be translated to the Board either in verbal or written form, along with an Alternate Delegate in the event the Delegate cannot be present.



Honorary membership will be those appointed by the PRESIDENT and approved by the Board.

The Board may recognize the need to appointment Honorary Membership(s) to further develop CCCHR and its role in the community. Honorary members will be voted on by the Board, then by the general membership. Honorary Memberships will be for a period of one (1) year, and such membership(s) may be extended by a vote of the general membership. Honorary Members will not be allowed to vote in council matters.


At any meeting of CCCHR, each club in attendance will have (1) vote regardless of the size of the club, including Board members, except for the PRESIDENT (who acts as the tie breaker). Each member club is to appoint a “Delegate” to vote at the meetings on its behalf. Each club should also appoint an “Alternate Delegate”. At the beginning of each vote, the PRESIDENT will ask that Voting Delegates identify themselves.

To clarify: One (1) Delegate or Alternate Delegate present during CCCHR meetings will be allowed one (1) vote on behalf of their member club.

A quorum will be necessary for the voting at any membership meeting to be valid. This quorum will be 25% of the Member Club, Delegates, and Officers on the official roster. For example: 20 Member Clubs + 4 Officers = 24. ¼ of 24 is 6. Therefore, if there are any six of the above present, a quorum exists. All matters will be decided by a majority vote of the Delegates and others entitled to vote, whom are present at the meeting.

On any matter brought to the general membership, a MAJORITY VOTE of ATTENDING club representatives will prevail. The PRESIDENT will place a vote ONLY to break a tie. Voting on officers will be via ballot vote by club representatives whose dues are in good standing.



All checks will only require the signature of the Treasurer. All checks will have to be approved by the President or Vice-President via email to the Treasurer before checks can be disbursed. The President may authorize disbursements up to Fifty dollars ($50.00). Disbursements up to Two Hundred dollars ($200.00) require a meeting and vote of the Board. Disbursements over the amount of Two Hundred dollars ($200.00) require a vote of the general membership. Charitable donations will be discussed by the general membership for approval.


If just cause for expulsion of a member club or a member club representative is brought to the board, the Board will review the evidence presented. If the Board feels just cause exists for expulsion of the member club representative, the Board will call for a meeting with said club representative and member club President. The report will then be brought to the general membership. ANY club representative of a club in good stead may offer further evidence, rebuttal or question the club representative at issue. After all questioning is completed, the general membership will vote on expulsion or overturning the expulsion order.

Any dues paid are forfeited upon expulsion.


Roberts Rules of Order will be utilized as a means of resolving any conflict that arise not covered under these by-laws. If for some reason, the Roberts Rules of Order does not provide a resolution to the conflict, the decision will fall on the PRESIDENT only as he deems fit.