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PRESIDENT - Attend and preside over all general meetings and Board meetings. Act as chief spokesperson for CCCHR at any gathering, shows or other activities. Appoint committees as deemed necessary. Act as ex-officio member of all committee, sign all documents and cast tie-breaking votes.

VICE PRESIDENT - Assume the duties of the PRESIDENT in the event the PRESIDENT is not available for any meeting or function of CCCHR. Contact any member club(s) in default on yearly dues.

SECRETARY - Record and maintain the minutes of any and all general meetings, Board meetings and/or committee meetings. Handle, maintain and sign any and all correspondence, documents, and/or records as directed by the PRESIDENT. Collect and count any and all ballots and/or votes, including mail-in/absentee ballots.

TREASURER - Maintain any and all financial records of CCCHR, reporting to the general membership at each scheduled meeting of the membership. Notify the VICE PRESIDENT of any and all delinquencies in memberships. Supply SECRETARY with any and all membership applications. Notify SECRETARY of any and all documents requiring renewal(s).

AT ALL TIMES the officers of CCCHR will conduct themselves in a professional manner, recognizing they are representatives of ALL MEMBER CLUBS and will act accordingly.