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Car Club Council of Hampton Roads(CCCHR) is an organization of individual car clubs bound by a common interest in the preservation, display and education of the automobile, truck, motorcycle, hot rod, rat rod and other such conveyance powered by the internal combustion engine, electric and/or solar power.

Car clubs are defined as a group of enthusiasts of any particular marque or category, having an organized structure, membership roles and regularly scheduled meetings. Such club shall apply for membership in CCCHR by application and payment of dues of $ 15.00 per calendar year. Said dues are payable January 1st of each year and a club will be considered in good standing if dues are paid no later than March 1st of the year. Member club(s) dues not paid by March 1st of the year will loose their vote in all matters.

Each member club will appoint a representative to CCCHR whose responsibilities shall be to attend CCCHR meetings to report on their club's activities, and to take to their club the activities of CCCHR.

CCCHR meetings are the last Tuesday of the month and are held in the training room of PRIORITY CHEVROLET at 7:00 in the evening. Changes to this schedule will be posted two (2) months in advance of any alterations.